When it comes to financing our silver needs there are differences between credit cards and short-term loans. Today we are going to analyze the differences.


Federal regulators are setting new rules for banks that offer deposit advances.

First, it is worth mentioning the lower amount of requirements that short-term loans have, also known as single-signature loans or cash loans, at the time of request. Most of these only require our ID number and an account in your name.

Some loans can be processed entirely online, which makes them very practical. In case of doubt it is always possible to contact a company representative by phone or by e-mail. On the other hand, if we wanted to apply for a credit card, the requirements would be much higher. It would be necessary to also carry the salary receipts and this would only be granted in case of having a very good credit level.

Accreditation time

Another big difference is the time of granting and accreditation of money. While the short-term loan will be credited on the next business day, the credit card first has a processing and issuance time (approximately 15 days) and then sending it by mail which will imply, at best, One more week of waiting, which does not allow you to use it the moment you need it most.


credit loan

The most important of all the differences is the amount of credit we can access. Credit cards, unless one has very high income, will not give us more than 1.5 times the amount of our tickets. That is, if we have income for $ 6000, the credit cards – and always if we can obtain them – would give us a credit limit of $ 9000. And for retirees, those who access the minimum of $ 4958 would not get the cards to give them more than $ 7500 limit.

Although in the short term loans you can access a loan amount lower than that offered by a credit card, for example $ 5000, the truth is that we can only access these amounts if we are within the banking system.

Silver in hand

money loan

If our need is for cash, we will definitely lean towards short-term loans, which will give us cash in hand or deposited in a bank account, the next business day of the application. On the other hand, the “cash advances” of the credit cards will only give us the fifth part of the credit limit granted to us in money. Thus, if we get a credit limit of $ 7500 (the case of the retiree who charges the minimum), we can only access a cash advance of $ 1500.

In conclusion, if our need is cash in hand, we will be inclined to apply for a short-term loan at Herne the Hunter. We hope that today’s article has been helpful, remember that at Herne the Hunter we offer you the short-term loan you need, and if this is your first loan you have 0% interest. For more information or questions do not hesitate to contact us.