Taking out a loan is not always recommended because of the high interest rates and high possibility of debt. However, there are situations that require this type of credit, which makes many people search for good financing conditions and companies with credibility. Loan and Credit is one of those companies that operate with credit to a differentiated public.

Although there are many companies in the market that operate with credit lines, as is the case of numerous banks in the country, still some people find it difficult to get a loan, either because they are retired, self-employed or even pensioner of INSS. This select public usually has some difficulties in acquiring credit, which in the case of Loan and Credit is facilitated.

About Loan and Credit

About Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit is part of an Italian cooperative considered one of the largest financial cooperatives in the world. It operates in the market by offering lines of credit ranging from credit card loans. In addition to retirees, INSS pensioners and self-employed persons, others may also acquire a credit line from the company and may request a credit analysis at any time.

Also called Loan and Credit bank, the company that operates in the financial area has shown exponential growth throughout Brazil by presenting differentiated lines of credit that serve an audience often excluded by financial companies. Throughout this company trajectory, its clients have felt the confidence of acquiring a loan from the bank, bringing more clients to the institution.

As stated earlier, the company also offers credit card options designed each to meet a standard of customers. The financial cards were developed so that their customers can have greater purchasing power with the aid of credit. Although they are little known to the general public, the cards of this bank also offer great conditions like those observed in the market.

Can I trust Loan and Credit?


Currently, the bank is in a moment of growth of its segment, in addition to a fortification of the company throughout the national territory, which directly implies a greater reliability on the part of the clients when analyzing the bank. So the answer is yes. This is a reliable financial company that operates with flexible credit lines and excellent financing conditions.

In addition to the information already mentioned, the financial company also has a facility in credit approval for those who are civil servants, salaried and self-employed. This is because the company has several lines of credit that adapt to the needs of each client, covering both the amount of the loan granted and the conditions for repayment.